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Our Markets are STARTING again!! Enjoy having your knives, scissors and garden tools sharpened on the spot! Drop them off, then either have a cup of coffee, do some shopping or run an errand! Most jobs are SHARP and ready to go within 30 minutes. Easy as that! Check out where and when you can find us below!!!


We are super excited to partner with our favorite coffee shop in Bay View! We will be sharpening from 9AM to Noon on Thursdays outside of the cafe! Drop your knives, have your cup of coffee and then pick up before you leave! Have an errand to run? No problem! Make your drop off and we will text you when your job is ready!


 New this year, will be sharpening your knives, scissors and garden tools at the South Milwaukee Farmers Market on Thursdays while you browse and shop the market. Happy to see new faces and be part of the community! 


 We will be sharpening your knives, scissors and garden tools while you shop or grab a bite to eat at the cafe. We're partnering with Outpost to provide affordable and easy access to a sharpening service that allows you to cook and eat healthy. Fresh food and sharp knives, what a lovely combination!

We Make it easy to shop local and fresh, while getting your knives, scissors and garden tools sharpened. Drop your knives off at our stand, do your shopping, and pick your items up before you leave! Fast, fresh and fun!

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